Sunshine Coast Power Yoga will give you the opportunity to feel strong and calm, more energized and alive. You will begin to see your body taking on a shape and level of agility you have never experienced before. You will stand taller and look sleeker, straighter and leaner. In time you will awaken a whole new body. Yoga is a path that is shared by many, but each person experiences his or her own growth in his or her own way. Yoga is about discovering your essential and authentic self, nor someone else’s. Yoga practice is one of the greatest ways to perpetuate growth in all areas of your life beginning with the physical. Yoga pokes and prods at our physical limitation, forcing us to experience boundaries not normally experienced.

The health benefits are multi layered, going beyond just the external. All the internal bodily systems are activated and improved as well. Your nervous system is soothed or energized as needed (through deep rhythmic breathing): your glandular system is balanced, creating hormonal harmony (from inversions); your cardiovascular and circulatory systems are invigorated (as a result of the flow); your digestive and metabolic systems are stimulated (from the heat of the ignited fire within); and your elimination system is activated and regulated (from sweating and the movement of lymph, the body’s sewage system). Every single cell in your body benefits.

The real miracle is what starts happening underneath and within you. You experience mental shifts that free you from old thought patterns. Through the challenges on your mat you discover how strong you really are, physically and mentally. Ultimately, yoga ignites your spirit. When you are free from the constraints of a weakened body and the limitations of emotional reactiveness, you live in a higher place. From you very first session, you experience shifts energetically, muscularly, mentally and emotionally. Your muscles tingle from head to toe, your blood is flowing, your mind is clear, your spirit is revived, you are full of stamina and breath: you feel alive! Once you get even the smallest taste of these results, you have all the motivation you need to keep going.

Whenever you give anything positive attention – a flower, a child, your body – it blossoms.

Excerpts from Baron Baptiste’s Book – Journey into Power

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