Please note that as of February 1st 2018, we will have a small price rise to all class and passes.

We’ve welcomed Yogis through our doors since 2006 and have always tried to keep our classes affordable.

With no memberships and no lock-in contracts, we strive to offer you easy, affordable and stress-free access to the tremendous power of yoga!

New prices ( as of February 1st 2018) are:-

Casual.                                         $20

Student/Concession Casual   $15

5 class pass                                 $85

10 class pass                              $150

20 class pass                              $280


Class Schedule:


530pm-6.45pm Resilient Health Body Technologies -Qigung with Ben


700am-800am Resilient Health Body Technologies -Qigung with Ben

600pm-730pm Fluid Power with Tash


600am-715am Hour Of Power with Trudie

530pm-645pm Let Go Create Flow Yoga with Fiona


530pm-645pm Resilient Health Body Technologies -Qigung with Ben



Resilient Health Body Technologies is authentic Qigong with integrated complimentary elements of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates.  It is based on an understanding of the body from the dual points of view of Chinese/Taoist body technology and Western Anatomy & Physiology. In common with Qigong, the primary goals of practice are to improve conditions for the function of organs and endocrine glands and for the circulation of nutrients throughout the body including the bone marrow.   The emphasis on circulation also creates fluid movement patterns that convey grace without strain and serve as the basis of the internal martial arts and the internal healing arts.

Vinyasa Flow is a fun, dynamic style of yoga where we will move or flow from one pose to the next throughout the class. It’s a great way to build endurance, flexibility and strength as well as body and breath awareness. We will begin each class with a warmup end each class with guided meditation and relaxation.

My Vinyasa Flow classes will be suitable to all levels, including mamas to be.

Let Go Create Flow Yoga is for Yogis –
•just starting out with their practice
•returning to their practice after a long break
•recovering from ill health &/or injury
•experiencing discomfort, pain & fatigue
•feeling unsure about stepping through the Yoga Studio door

Fluid Power Yoga is a fluid flowing practice of asana’s (yoga postures) which, when combined with the breath can help to build strength, flexibility and endurance. With a pure intention to inspire and empower, Tash offers a space that invites her students to creatively explore and nurture their bodies, be guided by their inner wisdom and express their own flow. This is a strong (not advanced) class. The sequencing is designed to  build core-strength and all-body tone. The class always ends with an extended guided relaxation to help balance the mind-body system and support the student by building stress-management strategies and develop a healthy meditation practice. Tash is a skilled an experienced meditation coach and she weaves meditation into the entire class.

Hour of Power Yoga is  a flowing style of yoga based on the traditional Ashtanga practice. Combined with breath-practices and ancient yogic philosophies, this is an all-levels class that aims to move, cleanse and tone the body as well as relax and calm the mind. An early morning, 60 minute class that helps prepare your mind and body for the day ahead!